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fs = require 'fs'
blacklist = []
split2 = (str, delimiter) ->
i = str.indexOf delimiter
if ~i
[str.substring(0, i), str.substring(i+1)]
endsWith = (haystack, needle) ->
haystack.length - needle.length >= 0 and haystack.length - needle.length is haystack.lastIndexOf needle
exports.checkURL = (url) ->
[host] = url.split '/', 1
for {type, data: needle} in blacklist
hit = switch type
when 'raw' then ~url.indexOf needle
when 'host' then endsWith host, needle
else throw "this shouldn't happen"
if hit
return {
block: true
blockReason: "blocked by '#{needle}'"
block: false
parseBlacklist = (text) ->
blacklist = for line in text.split '\n'
line = line.trim()
continue if 0 is line.indexOf '#'
continue if line.length is 0
if entry = split2 line, ' '
[type, data] = entry
if not type in ['raw', 'host']
throw 'unknown entry type'
{type, data}
throw "invalid line: #{line}"
fs.readFile 'blacklist.txt', 'utf8', (err, data) ->
throw err if err
parseBlacklist data
console.error "loaded blacklist"