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pretty-java is a quick-and-dirty source-to-source compiler that compiles good-looking code to Java. It doesn't work with an AST or a parser or anything fancy, it just uses regexes, a tokenizer and conventions to replace stuff in your code without really trying to understand everything.

Things it already does

Automatic curly block brace and semicolon insertion

It automatically inserts braces and semicolons. At the right side of your code, not in the middle where it would look bad (actually, like normal java).

Implicit calls

If you write a method name (actually, a word that isn't a keyword and begins with a small letter) followed by another non-symbol and non-keyword, an opening bracket will be inserted between the two and a closing bracket will be inserted before the first closing bracket that would be more than the opening brackets or appended to the end of the line. Valid code:

System.out.println Integer.parseInt "100"
printTo concat("  ", foo bar), output

compiles to

System.out.println(Integer.parseInt("100"))   ;
printTo(concat("  ",foo(bar)),output)         ;

Automatic braces for if, for, else if and while

Every line that begins with one of those keywords will automatically get braces. Example of valid code:

if foo == 3
  System.out.println "foo is three!"

Cooler for loops

Some examples of for loops:

Notice how it automatically extracts the type of name!

String[] names = new String[]{"Alice", "Bob", "Evil Eve"}
for name in names
  System.out.println name

Loop through ranges (start is inclusive, end is exclusive):

for i in [0..array.length]

Loop through ranges without an index variable (jump in the air ten times):

for [0..10]
  jumpIn theAir