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a PHP class that can be used to parse the apache access.log file
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a PHP class that can be used to parse the apache access.log file. The data can then be displayed in a custom manner that is easier to read or that only includes the data you really care about. You could also insert the data into a database so you could then sort or search it.


include("class.access_log_parser.php"); //include the class file

$apache_log_parser = new apache_log_parser(); // Create an apache log parser 

if ($apache_log_parser->open_log_file('/var/log/apache2/access.log')){ // Make sure it opens the log file 
  while ($line = $apache_log_parser->get_line()){ // while it can get a line 
  	$parsed_line = $apache_log_parser->format_line($line); // format the line 
    $ip = mysql_real_escape_string($parsed_line['ip']);
  	$identity = $parsed_line['identity'];
  	$log_user = $parsed_line['user'];
  	$log_date = $parsed_line['date'];
  	$log_time = $parsed_line['time'];
  	$timezone = $parsed_line['timezone'];
  	$method = mysql_real_escape_string($parsed_line['method']);
  	$path = mysql_real_escape_string($parsed_line['path']);
  	$protocol = mysql_real_escape_string($parsed_line['protocol']);
  	$status = mysql_real_escape_string($parsed_line['status']);
  	$log_bytes = mysql_real_escape_string($parsed_line['bytes']);
  	$referer = mysql_real_escape_string($parsed_line['referer']);
  	$agent = mysql_real_escape_string($parsed_line['agent']);
  	$clean_line = mysql_real_escape_string($line);
    //do stuff with the data here
    echo "
$loopcount: $ip $log_date $log_time $method $path $protocol $status"; } } $apache_log_parser->close_log_file(); // close the log file //$apache_log_parser->clear_log_file('/var/log/apache2/access.log'); // empty the file (optional)
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