Like react-loadable, but better.
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Like react-loadable, but better.

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react-loadable has some problems. As of this writing, there are 39 open pull requests and issues are closed. The creator and maintainer seems to have abandoned the project, perhaps in favor of @loadable/component, but perhaps because of his emotional instability.

The general idea of react-loadable is that you give it an async function, load, that returns a component type (not a component or element), Target, and it will give you a new component type, Proxy. The first time an element of Proxy is rendered, it will save its props, call load, and return a placeholder "loading" element while it waits. Once load returns with Target, the proxy component will update itself with an element of type Target, passing along the props it saved.

What I wanted initially, was the ability to use the props in my load function, but even @loadable/component has that. What I want now is to pass an async function that takes the props and returns an element, not just the component type. Then I can use it for fetching resources, not just for code-splitting.


Code splitting:

import loadable from '@thejohnfreeman/loadable'
const Proxy = loadable()(() => import('./Target'))
// <Proxy />

Resource loading:

import loadable from '@thejohnfreeman/loadable'
const AsyncProduct = loadable()(async ({ productId }) => {
  try {
    const product = await backend.getProduct(productId)
  } catch (error) {
    return <Error error={error} />
  return <Product product={product} />
// <AsyncProduct productId={productId} />


Options are passed to the call to loadable, not to the function it returns, which takes the load function.

  • delay :: number

    Number of milliseconds to wait before showing the placeholder (to avoid a flicker of content). The default is 200.

  • Placeholder :: React.ComponentType

    The placeholder component type to show while waiting for the target. It will be given the same props as the target, in case you want to make use of them. The default is the text "Loading...".