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The license for this project is the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) license. It is functionally equivalent to the simplified BSD and MIT licenses, but without language deemed unnecessary following the Berne Convention.

ISC is the default just because it is my favorite permissive license. I would like to offer a choice of popular licenses if it is easy. I tried composing the most popular generator for licenses, but it is impossible to get the value of the choice returned to generator-python for writing the package metadata file. I don't plan on expending the effort to add a license prompt unless it becomes clear it is holding back many new users, but I welcome a pull request to add it.

If you want a different license, just drop it into the file LICENSE 🔗 and edit the license setting in pyproject.toml 🔗. If you don't know what license you want, the wizard at can help you pick one.

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