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"""The (synchronous) functor type class."""
import itertools
import typing as t
from typeclasses.decorator import typeclass
F = t.TypeVar('F') # pylint: disable=invalid-name
_NO_ARGUMENT: t.Any = object()
def fmap(function: t.Callable, functor: F = _NO_ARGUMENT):
"""Recursively apply a function within a functor.
By "recursive", we mean if a functor is nested, even with different types,
e.g. a list of dicts, then :func:`fmap` will recurse into each level and
apply :param:`function` at the "leaf" values.
function :
A function to apply to the values within :param:`functor`. It must be
able to handle any type found within :param:`functor`.
functor :
A functor. Known functors include lists, dicts, and other collections.
A copy of :param:`functor` with the results of applying
:param:`function` to all of its leaf values.
# Curry if no functor given.
if functor is _NO_ARGUMENT:
return lambda functor: fmap(function, functor)
# Assume it is the identity functor.
return function(functor)
@fmap.instance(t.Mapping, protocol=True)
def _fmap_mapping(function, mapping):
values = _fmap_generator(function, mapping.values())
kvs = itertools.zip_longest(mapping.keys(), values)
return type(mapping)(kvs)
@fmap.instance(t.Iterator, protocol=True)
def _fmap_generator(function, generator):
for x in generator:
yield fmap(function, x)
@fmap.instance(t.Iterable, protocol=True)
def _fmap_iterable(function, iterable):
return type(iterable)(fmap(function, x) for x in iterable)
def _fmap_str(function, string):
return ''.join(map(function, string))
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