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"""A method for serializing values to JSON."""
from pathlib import Path
import typing
from typeclasses import typeclass
T = typing.TypeVar('T') # pylint: disable=invalid-name
def to_json(value: T) -> str: # pylint: disable=unused-argument
"""Serialize a value to JSON."""
def _to_json_none(_):
return 'null'
def _to_json_bool(value):
return 'true' if value else 'false'
def _to_json_string(string):
return f'"{str(string)}"'
def _to_json_number(number):
return str(number)
@to_json.instance(typing.Mapping, protocol=True)
def _to_json_mapping(mapping):
members = ','.join(f'"{k}":{to_json(v)}' for k, v in mapping.items())
return f'{{{members}}}'
@to_json.instance(typing.Iterable, protocol=True)
def _to_json_iterable(iterable):
items = ','.join(to_json(x) for x in iterable)
return f'[{items}]'