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Standard Snakebird Puzzles

Standard Template

S/V (Solution/Verified) - A blue checkmark contains the solution, and a green checkmark confirms the level is possible but does not reveal the solution. The absence of a checkmark does not necessarily indicate a solution does not exist.

Snakebird Level Creator Note S/V
Disabilities Act thejoshwolfe
Crashing Down thejoshwolfe
Etch-a-sketch inukoblainc
Fruit Fall XeroOl
Block Valley XeroOl
Block Valley 2 XeroOl
Spike Maze XeroOl
Fruit Maze XeroOl
Box Bridge XeroOl
Please add animations XeroOl
The Ordeal thejoshwolfe
Coral Block XeroOl
Adventure XeroOl
Sky Grid XeroOl
Block Train XeroOl
Turn Around XeroOl
Turn Around 2 XeroOl
There and Back Again gavinksong
You Don't Have To Wait For Animations thejoshwolfe
Keyhole XeroOl
Block Train 2 XeroOl
Fruit Maze 2 XeroOl
Tight Space XeroOl
Floating Fruits XeroOl
Skyscraper XeroOl
Fruit Maze 3 XeroOl
Fruit Maze 4 XeroOl
Fruit Maze 5 XeroOl
Fruit Maze 6 XeroOl
Disarm XeroOl
Level 1 DoctorEndugu
Level 2 DoctorEndugu
Bumpy Road XeroOl
Level 0 "Checkmark Underpass" Teal Knight
Level 1 "Hanging spikes" Teal Knight
Level 2 "Trap Mine" Teal Knight
Level 3 "The Servant" Teal Knight
Level 4 "Greed that goes well" Teal Knight
Level 5 "Collapse" Teal Knight
Level 6 "Decisions" Teal Knight
Level 1 Cookie
Level 2 Cookie
Level 3 Cookie
Level 3 2 Joel Fox Derived from Cookie's level above
Balancing Act IHNN
Temple Joel Fox
Renovated Temple Joel Fox Addresses a common criticism of Temple
Basilica Gooby Based on Joel's levels above
The Birdcage Gooby
The Birds Uncaged Joel Fox Derived from Gooby's level above
Stripped Gooby Based on The Birdcage and The Birds Uncaged
Serpentine Gooby & Joel Fox Updated again 2/3
The Sawmill Gooby
The Hardmill Joel Fox Derived from Gooby's level above
Mine Rescue Gooby Allow time for solution to load
Fruit Temple XeroOl I'm sorry
Plane Crash Gooby Novelty Guess-the-Exit Special
Top Shelf Gooby
Top Shelf 2 Gooby
Plinko Gooby
The Puppet Master Gooby
Rainbow Bridge Gooby
Castle Gooby
Perch Gooby
Black Mamba Gooby
add more colours eff96 level below is very hard
add portal diagrams eff96 level above is easy
fruit is too far 1 eff96 also who deleted my level not cool
fruit is too far 2 eff96 has anyone heard of saw con
fruit is too far 3 eff96 im not good at making levels
patience my guy eff96 i am so sorry
Seesaw Shore tuurep
Seesaw Shore 2 tuurep
Seesaw Shore 3 tuurep
Puppet Master's Revenge Gooby & Karoo13

Experimental Snakebird Puzzles

Experimental Template 1

Experimental Template 2

Experimental levels do not currently support replays, so they can only be verified.

Snakebird Level Creator Note S/V
Under Cover XeroOl
Snake Filter XeroOl
Platformway to Heaven thejoshwolfe
Under Cover 2 XeroOl
Low Clearance XeroOl
Baited Trap XeroOl
Gateway to Freedom LevelWorld
House on Fire Gooby
Underground Gooby
Bundók Gooby 4/1 Update Fixes Shortcuts
Prison Escape Karoo13
Prison Escape 2 Karoo13 buffed 2020/7/11
Prison Escape Extreme Karoo13 buffed 2020/7/13
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