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Crate for working with the Texas Instruments LM4F120 (and relatives)
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Rust drivers for Cortex-M4F based Texas Instruments LM4F120 (and relatives)

The Texas Instruments LM4F120 is a Cortex-M4F based microcontroller. It's available on the Texas Instruments Stellaris Launchpad (not to be confused with the older MSP430 Launchpad). TI cancelled the Stellaris/LM4F range not long after it came out and replaced it with Tiva-C/TM4C range. The Tiva-C Launchpad TM4C123G-XL is almost exactly the same as a Stellaris Launchpad and should be software compatible. The Ethernet-enabled TM4C1294 Connected Launchpad is not supported.

For a bare metal example program written in Rust ( for the Stellaris Launchpad using this crate, see launchpad-rs.

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