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Introduction to programming
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ISI programming class

Course coverage : Diagram

  • Basic web development(client-side) : HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • Basic data science : Python, Machine learning
  • Basic web development(server-side) : AWS, Python, Flask, MySQL

Target Projects

Class information

  • Monday 18:00 - 20:00 / Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00 (choose one)
    • You can choose either Monday or Tuesday, the content will be the same for both days in the same week.
  • The schedule can be changed.
  • The location will be announced soon.
  • 10 minutes IT story + 100 minutes programming + 5 minutes Kahoot
  • Please, bring your own laptop.
  • The class will be held in English.
  • The slide will be shared every Monday.
  • All the notices will be posted on the ISI Progarmming Class facebook group


Week Days(Mon, Tue) Story (10 min.) Programming (100 min.) Preparation Assignment
1 03.09, 04.09 Why do we have to learn programming? HTML HTML Link
2 10.09, 11.09 How to build your resume without having a job HTML, CSS CSS Link
3 24.09, 25.09 How is it working at a startup? Javascript, jQuery Javascript Link
4 01.10, 02.10 Introduction to data science Basic Python Python Link
5 15.10, 16.10 Women in Tech Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas NumPy Link
6 22.10, 23.10 Introduction to deep learning Scikit learn TBA Link
7 29.10, 30.10 How to improve programming skills Basic Tensorflow TBA TBA
8 TBA TBA AWS Basic, Python Flask TBA TBA
9 TBA TBA Python Flask, Database(MySql) TBA TBA
10 TBA TBA MySQL Advanced Query TBA TBA
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