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A youtube/plex and local video (MP4/MKV) player for Android Auto
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chadjoan and thekirankumar Fix for APK gen exception: (#231)
* Fix for APK gen exception:

Set dexOptions.jumboMode = true; to mitigate an exception that
might be encountered when trying to generate a (signed?) APK:
" Cannot merge new index 65536 into a non-jumbo instruction!"

Solution was taken from this stack overflow article:

* Fix build break from merge activity on PR#231

The compileOptions section of build.gradle ended up outside of the
'android' toplevel section, which caused CI tests to fail. I've
moved it back into the 'android' section and tried to line it up
with what PR#232 has so that future merge should be fine at this
Latest commit e3922f8 May 28, 2019

June 2018 : If you own a ROOTED phone, go to the releases section to download v2.0.

Apr 2018 : Google has blocked all custom apps on Android Auto, hence this app won't work anymore.

youtube-android-auto Build Status

A youtube player for Android Auto. Please visit for downloading the APK.


  1. Unofficial Android SDK Without this SDK this project wouldn't exist. Thanks to Martoreto for reverse engineering the Waze app and coming up with a easy to use SDK and a sample app.

  2. VideoEnabledWebview This webview makes fullscreen videos easy to implement.

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