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Issues with rspec-instafail 0.2.3 #29

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As originally reported in #20 by @nofxx:

rspec-instafail changed things on v0.2.3.
Can't require 'rspec/instafail'. For search purposes:

fuubar.rb:3:in `require': cannot load such file -- rspec/instafail

I won't have a lot of time to look into this soon, but it would be great if somebody could pick this one up. :)

@jfelchner jfelchner added a commit that referenced this issue
@jfelchner jfelchner Merge branch 'feature/remove-rspec-instafail' into develop - Closes #36
…, #29, #20, #33

* feature/remove-rspec-instafail:
  Big refactoring to use the capabilities exposed by RSpec's formatters as well as replacing the specs with ones which are more representative
  Add .ruby-version file
  Use RSpec's helpers to output the failures at the proper time
  Remove all references to instafail
  Remove rspec-instafail from the project
@jfelchner jfelchner closed this
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