Online radio streaming player with minimum interface that runs on a Linux system tray
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radiotray-lite is a lightweight clone of the original Radio Tray online radio streaming player rewritten in C++.


Key features

  • Runs on a Linux system tray.
  • Has minimum interface possible.
  • Plays most media formats (it uses gstreamer).
  • Supports PLS, M3U, ASX, RAM, XSPF playlists.


For a while this project is only tested on Ubuntu (14.04 and 16.04 versions). In order to build it you need to have installed -dev versions of the following packages:

  • libgtkmm-3.0
  • libgstreamermm-0.10-2 or libgstreamermm-1.0
  • libcurl3
  • libnotify4
  • libappindicator3
  • libmagic

To compile program run following (with obvious amendments) commands from build directory:

  • $ cmake /path/to/radiotray-lite/ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/
  • $ make
  • $ cpack -G DEB to create package in .deb format or $ cpack -G RPM to create package in .rpm format.

Package will be created in the packages folder of the build directory.



Copy your existing bookmarks.xml from Radio Tray (which is usually located at $HOME/.local/share/radiotray/bookmarks.xml) into $HOME/.config/radiotray-lite/ directory.


Configuration file is located in the same directory as bookmarks file. It has simple XML format and following options are supported:

  • last_station -- name of the last played station. Automatically updated, you don't need to change it.
  • buffer_size -- size of the internal gstreamer's buffer.
  • buffer_duration -- number of seconds to buffer.
  • url_timeout -- timeout in seconds for fetching playlist.
  • notifications -- if set to false disables desktop notification messages. Default is true.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <option name="last_station" value="Rock 181" />
  <option name="buffer_size" value="102400" />
  <option name="buffer_duration" value="2" />
  <option name="url_timeout" value="5" />
  <option name="notifications" value="false" />


See file for license information.