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Code and data from the 911 NTL Pre-analysis Plan
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911 Nurse Triage Line

This repository contains all the code and all data we may publicize related to the 911 Nurse Triage Line randomized controlled trial. It will be updated as more analyses are done.


The code in this repository is written in Python. We used Python 3.6.3, and in fact require Python 3.6+ due to the liberal use of f-strings. The work is done in Jupyter notebooks. If you do not have Python installed on your machine, we recommend Anaconda. All other Python package requirements are contained in requirements.txt and can be installed with conda install -r requirements.txt -c conda-forge if using conda, or pip install -r requirements.txt if not.

Table of Contents

There are several computations that are performed in this repository. Here we index them.

Computing the dropped call rate in the study

The notebook DroppedCalls.ipynb corresponds to Appendix C of our Pre-analysis Plan. It computes the proportion of calls which were assigned to the Nurse Triage Line which will not be answered by the nurse due to all the nurses being busy. This computation is based on historical data.

Power computations

The notebook PowerCalculations.ipynb computes the minimum detectable effect based on a range of base rates and sample sizes which are plausible for our study. It corresponds to Appendix G of our Pre-analysis Plan.


We also make available all calls for EMS service in the District during 2016. This csv (data/2016_EMS_Events.csv) has only two columns: the time the call was received and the classification of the call.


This code was written by Chrysanthi Hatzimasoura ( and Kevin H. Wilson (@khwilson;



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