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Automating sending letters for SUSO
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Analyses and automation related to the OVSJG SUSO project.


You'll need Python 3.6 because we make liberal use of f-strings.


Much of this repository is dedicated to the automation of the letter sending process. In order to get that going, run

pip install -e .

You will then find the command susocli on your path. That command requires a config file, a template of which can be found in config.template.yml. You'll need to fill that out.

The automation aspect of this is handled by the Dockerfile. This is run as the following cron job:

0 19-23 * * 1-5 docker run --rm -v /mnt/dockervols/suso:/work thelabdc/ovsjg-suso susocli run /suso/config.yml -t /work/tex -p /work/pdf >> /mnt/dockervols/suso/log 2>&1
1 0 * * 2-6 docker run --rm -v /mnt/dockervols/suso:/work thelabdc/ovsjg-suso susocli run /suso/config.yml -t /work/tex -p /work/pdf >> /mnt/dockervols/suso/log 2>&1
31 0 * * 2-6 docker run --rm -v /mnt/dockervols/suso:/work thelabdc/ovsjg-suso susocli run /suso/config.yml -t /work/tex -p /work/pdf >> /mnt/dockervols/suso/log 2>&1

Though note that the first time you run susocli you'll need to have run susocli create to create the relevant database tables.

Other documentation

OSF: Our project page on OSF.

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