WatchKit app for interpreting and saving notes created using Morse Code
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MorseCode WatchKit App
MorseCode WatchKit Extension


I was not planning on picking up WatchKit but I came across an article about Apple Watch and Morse Code and I just couldn't help myself.

This is the most basic morse code implementation I could think of without opening photoshop/sketch. Till I find time to make images for the animations I have in mind (passive-aggressive-eye-roll), this app will proudly don oitnb colours. Happy tapping.


  • Build 1.0

Build 1


WatchKit App

  • Use Morse Code to write notes

iPhone App

  • View saved notes
  • Toggle between English and Morse Code
  • Delete notes

Planned features

WatchKit App

  • Settings
  • UI enhancements

iPhone App

  • Settings
  • View saved notes
  • Morse cheat sheet