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@@ -25,45 +25,18 @@ available from
-The binary distribution consists in a .zip archive file. This .zip
-contains long filenames and therefore cannot be unpacked with pkunzip.
-Use either Winzip (shareware) or the NT/95 version of unzip (freeware):
-Unzipping the distribution creates (among others) the following
-directories and files:
- ocaml\ocamlwin.exe The toplevel application
- ocaml\ocamlwin.ini Its configuration file
- ocaml\bin\ The command-line compilers and tools
- ocaml\lib\ The standard library files
-Installing the toplevel application:
- First of all, copy the file ocaml\ocamlwin.ini to your Windows system
- directory, e.g. C:\winnt or C:\win95 or C:\windows.
- The file ocamlwin.ini you just copied assumes that the Caml distribution
- resides in C:\ocaml. If this is not the case, edit the copy in
- the Windows system directory (e.g. C:\winnt\ocamlwin.ini)
- and change the line that says
- CmdLine=ocamlrun c:\ocaml\bin\ocaml.exe -I c:\ocaml\lib
- to
- CmdLine=ocamlrun <caml_dir>\bin\ocaml.exe -I <caml_dir>\lib
- e.g.
- CmdLine=ocamlrun D:\lang\ocaml\bin\ocaml.exe -I D:\lang\ocaml\lib
+The binary distribution is a self-installing executable archive.
+Just run it and it should install OCaml automatically.
Installing the command-line tools:
- You must add the ocaml\bin subdirectory to the PATH variable, e.g.
+ You must add the "bin" subdirectory of the OCaml installation directory
+ to the PATH variable, e.g.
set PATH=%PATH%;D:\lang\ocaml\bin
Running directly the tools (e.g. typing D:\lang\ocaml\bin\ocamlc)
- will not work if the ocaml\bin directory is not in PATH, because ocamlc
+ will not work if the "bin" subdirectory is not in PATH, because ocamlc
and the other tools will be unable to find the Caml runtime system
@@ -73,6 +46,10 @@ Installing the command-line tools:
set CAMLLIB=D:\lang\ocaml\lib
+ For Windows 95 and 98, the OCaml installer is able to perform the
+ corresponding modifications to AUTOEXEC.BAT (define CAMLLIB and
+ append to the PATH variable). For Windows NT, you'll have to
+ edit the environment variables yourself.

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