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Add 'K' class of warning tag to ocamlbuild

git-svn-id: f963ae5c-01c2-4b8c-9fe0-0dff7051ff02
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meyer committed Jan 1, 2013
1 parent 646bc27 commit a2d55adafe37223242713078550da86c85fea959
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@@ -565,7 +565,7 @@ let ocaml_warn_flag c =
flag ["ocaml"; "compile"; sprintf "warn_error_%c" (Char.lowercase c)]
(S[A"-warn-error"; A (sprintf "%c" (Char.lowercase c))]);;
-List.iter ocaml_warn_flag ['A'; 'C'; 'D'; 'E'; 'F'; 'L'; 'M'; 'P'; 'R'; 'S'; 'U'; 'V'; 'Y'; 'Z'; 'X'];;
+List.iter ocaml_warn_flag ['A'; 'C'; 'D'; 'E'; 'F'; 'K'; 'L'; 'M'; 'P'; 'R'; 'S'; 'U'; 'V'; 'X'; 'Y'; 'Z'];;
flag ["ocaml"; "compile"; "strict-sequence"] (A "-strict-sequence");;

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