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Entry point for ocamlbuild noboot version.

Is enabled by saying:

# make OCAMLBUILD_NOBOOT=yes world.opt

currently just works for bytecode only.

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1 parent 7d969aa commit e5714dcd02f35708323927e811e80c0c41543b7a meyer committed Jan 1, 2013
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@@ -727,9 +727,13 @@ camlp4opt: ocamlopt otherlibrariesopt ocamlbuild-mixed-boot ocamlbuild.native
# Ocamlbuild
+ifeq ($(OCAMLBUILD_NOBOOT),"yes")
+ocamlbuild.byte: ocamlc
+ $(MAKE) -C ocamlbuild -f Makefile.noboot
ocamlbuild.byte: ocamlc ocamlbuild-mixed-boot
ocamlbuild.native: ocamlopt ocamlbuild-mixed-boot

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