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update instructions for recompilation under MSVC

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@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE:
under the name "Microsoft Windows 7 SDK".
-[2] flexdll version 0.23 or later.
+[2] flexdll version 0.26 or later.
Can be downloaded from
[3] TCL/TK version 8.5. Windows binaries are available as part of the
@@ -106,7 +106,8 @@ You will need the following software components to perform the recompilation:
Make sure to install the 32-bit version of TCL/TK, even if you are
compiling on a 64-bit Windows.
- The Cygwin port of GNU tools, available from
- Install at least the following packages: diffutils, make, ncurses.
+ Install at least the following packages (and their dependencies):
+ diffutils, make, ncurses.
First, you need to set up your cygwin environment for using the MS
tools. The following assumes that you have installed [1], [2], and [3]
@@ -121,13 +122,14 @@ to adjust the paths accordingly.
Then enter the following commands:
cd "%PFPATH%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin"
+ set FLEXDLLDIR=%PFPATH%\flexdll
echo VCPATH="`cygpath -p '%Path%'`" >C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv
echo LIB="%LIB%;C:\Tcl\lib" >>C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv
echo LIBPATH="%LIBPATH%" >>C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv
- echo INCLUDE="%INCLUDE%;C:\Tcl\include" >>C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv
- echo FLPATH="`cygpath '%PFPATH%\flexdll'`" >>C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv
- echo PATH="${VCPATH}:$PATH:${FLPATH}" >>C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv
+ echo INCLUDE="%INCLUDE%;%FLEXDLLDIR%;C:\Tcl\include" >>C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv
+ echo FLPATH="`cygpath '%FLEXDLLDIR%'`" >>C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv
+ echo PATH="$VCPATH:$FLPATH:$PATH" >>C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv
echo export PATH LIB LIBPATH INCLUDE >>C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv
echo export OCAMLBUILD_FIND=/usr/bin/find >>C:\cygwin\tmp\msenv

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