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# odb package file for ocaml core 108.00
#external dependencies not listed:
# oUnit (auto-installed by odb from oasis-db)
# ocaml 3.12
# findlib
async deps=async_core,async_unix,async_extra tarball=
async_core deps=sexplib,pa_ounit,fieldslib,bin_prot,core tarball=
async_extra deps=sexplib,fieldslib,bin_prot,pa_ounit,pa_pipebang,core,async_core,async_unix tarball=
async_unix deps=sexplib,fieldslib,bin_prot,pa_ounit,pa_pipebang,core,async_core tarball=
bin_prot tarball=
comparelib deps=type_conv tarball=
core deps=variantslib,sexplib,fieldslib,bin_prot,pa_ounit,pa_pipebang,res tarball=
core_extended deps=sexplib,fieldslib,bin_prot,pa_ounit,pa_pipebang,core,pcre,res tarball=
fieldslib deps=type_conv(>=3.0.5) tarball=
pa_ounit deps=type_conv(>=3.0.5) tarball=
pa_pipebang deps=oUnit,type_conv(>=3.0.5) tarball=
sexplib deps=type_conv(>=3.0.5) tarball=
type_conv tarball=
typehashlib deps=type_conv(>=3.0.5) tarball=
variantslib deps=type_conv(>=3.0.5) tarball=
#external dep
res tarball=
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