Pandoc supports templates. This project illustrates how.
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Markdown is the best markup language, and Pandoc is the best markdown converter. Pandoc 1.4 has a new template system and since it also supports XeTeX, it is now possible to easily create really good-looking pdf files from Markdown, using system fonts.

This project simply wraps Pandoc and its markdown2pdf program in a way that makes it slightly simpler to customize the output. Feel free to customize and clone and let's see how good looking pdf files we can create!


  • Pandoc 1.4 or later
  • XeTeX

This pdf file was created as follows:

./md2pdf README.markdown

md2pdf is a simple shell script wrapper that contains variables to set font, font size, paper size, language (for hyphenation), margins and a few more things.

For fonts, on Linux, first run fc-list to see what fonts you have available on your system, then make your choice, edit md2pdf and set them. For example, if you have installed Microsoft Core Fonts for the Web, you can set

monofont="Courier New"

as was done for this document.