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libpurple plugin for Heroes of Newerth chat server This is a chat plugin for libpurple-based messengers pidgin, finch, adium , telepathy, minbif, etc

Install instructions:


  1. install pidgin from
  2. download win32 zip and unpack it into pidgin's installation directory In case there is no HoN protocol you may need to download and unpack it int pidgin's directory

Mac OSX:

  1. have adium 1.4b18 or newer
    1.1) download honpurple–adium zip from homepage
  2. double click zip
  3. double click plugin
    I can't make a build of adium version due to not having a mac and there is none uptodate.

Gentoo linux :
layman -o -f --add honpurple

Downloads Latest released packages are now broken because of protocol updates. Git version is working though if you are willing to build it yourself

Source Code
windows binary
windows openssl binary
x86_64 deb package

report bugs and find downloads @ homepage

if plugin says 'you have been disconnected .. bla bla bla' right from start that probably means that the protocol version is incorrect... find it in account settings -> advanced

(the whole reason for that setting is not to have to rebuild plugin each time the only thing needed is protocol version)