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Merge pull request #2522 from InformatiqueProg/Admin-order-email

Add email with mailto directly on order
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roadster31 committed Sep 24, 2018
2 parents 2e49bad + 62f91ba commit 252dba094e941b5d6d6275057f57bdd12c6e8262
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  1. +4 −0 templates/backOffice/default/order-edit.html
@@ -264,6 +264,10 @@
<th>{intl l="Customer"}</th>
<td><a href="{url path='/admin/customer/update' customer_id=$CUSTOMER}">{$orderInvoiceFirstName|ucwords} {$orderInvoiceLastName|upper}</a></td>
<th>{intl l="Email"}</th>
<td>{loop type="customer" name="customer" id=$CUSTOMER backend_context="on" current="false"}<a href="mailto:{$EMAIL}?Subject={intl l='Order %ref' ref={$REF}}">{$EMAIL}</a>{/loop}</td>
{if $orderInvoiceCompany}
<th>{intl l="Company"}</th>

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