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Merge pull request #2673 from roadster31/quantity-passed-to-added-to-…


Added quantity parameter to "Added to cart" popup url
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roadster31 committed May 21, 2019
2 parents de726e0 + be4c39b commit 3414719227abb177ec301186885e122833cd8131

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@@ -469,13 +469,15 @@ var pseManager = (function($){
if (doAjax) {
var url_action = $(this).attr("action"),
product_id = $("input[name$='product_id']",this).val(),
pse_id = $("input.pse-id",this).val();
pse_id = $("input.pse-id",this).val(),
quantity = $('#quantity',this).val()

$.ajax({type: "POST", data: $(this).serialize(), url: url_action,
success: function(data){
// addCartMessageUrl is initialized in layout.tpl
$.ajax({url:addCartMessageUrl, data:{ product_id: product_id, pse_id: pse_id },
$.ajax({url:addCartMessageUrl, data:{ product_id: product_id, pse_id: pse_id, quantity: quantity },
success: function (data) {
// Hide all currently active bootbox dialogs

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