@gillesbourgeat gillesbourgeat released this Jun 14, 2016 · 261 commits to 2.3 since this release

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  • (related to #2182) Fix compatibility with sql_mode STRICT_ALL_TABLES
  • (related to #2181) Fix CSV export cached file size
  • (related to #2173) Fix customer discount apply on backoffice. The custome permanentr discount is also applied on the back office if the user is logged in front office
  • (related to #2168) Fix router redirect to last rewriting_url
  • (related to #2166) Fixed the update process when thelia.net is out of order
  • (related to #2160) Added missing home.block 'class' parameter
  • (related to #2157) Prevent an infinite loop in new product dialog
  • (related to #2154) Add Test range dates exists before testing type