A basic WordPress theme integrated with the TailwindCSS framework
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TailwindCSS for WordPress

This is a standard, fully compliant, WordPress theme, that integrates with the Tailwind CSS framework. It comes with a tailwinds file using the CLRS.CC palette and most stanard features enabled.

Built to be hacked and slashed to a developer's delight.

Built With

  • Underscores for WordPress - Shredded an Underscores build to integrate it with Tailwinds and ensure it's ready to go from the ground up
  • TailwindCSS - Get the details about the utility first TailwindCSS Framework
  • Clrs Palette - Tailwind colour palette using the clrs selections by Adam Morse


This project is licensed under the GPL - see the LICENSE.md file for details


  • Thank you as always to my Friends and Colleagues who have made me the developer I am today