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A Knockout plugin that syncs observable variables between all clients automatically
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Knockout Live Plugin


  • on the client
  • server.js running on node server


  • Knockout 2.0+
  • client/server
  • Node.js and on the server side

Steps to see it happen:

  • Clone the repo
  • Run "npm install"
  • Run "node server.js"
  • Point your browser to localhost:8080

What do you need for your application to go "live"?:

  • Start a simple node server with the server.js included in this project(modify it as you desire)
  • Set .live() on all ko.observable() and ko.observableArray() you want to synchronize remotely(see the chat example)
  • Run ko.utils.socketConnect(address,port) before ko.applyBindings()

Options for live():

  • id: "my_id" sets a custom ID for sync purposes. This is useful if you are syncing between different apps.
  • readonly: true blocks all direct changes to the live observable. It will update only by socket messages from the server.


  • Adapter interface for sync options besides
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