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Adds Underscore methods to Knockout Observable Array

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Knockout.underscore plugin

This plugin adds all Underscore array methods(and object/array methods) to Observable Array.

Use it like you would with a normal array, the only difference is that you need to skip the first argument(which is the array). Example:

var VM = {
  arr: ko.observableArray(["bill","ted","rufus"])

   return n.length;

//prints "ted"

Also, there are 11 new destructive methods that change the observable array:

  • .select_
  • .reject_
  • .invoke_
  • .sortBy_
  • .rest_
  • .compact_
  • .flatten_
  • .without_
  • .uniq_
  • .intersect_
  • .zip_

See Underscore.js documentation for more details.

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