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A collection of classes used in affine geometry
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A collection of classes used for affine geometry. This currently consists of the following:

  • Point2D
  • Vector2D
  • Matrix2D

These have been extracted from kld-intersections so they can stand alone.

Please note that as of version 0.0.7, all of the self-modifying functions (like addEquals, subtractEquals, etc.) have been removed.


npm install kld-affine


A class used to represent two-dimensional points on a plane. This currently supports the following methods:

  • clone
  • add
  • subtract
  • multiply
  • divide
  • equals
  • lerp
  • distanceFrom
  • min
  • max
  • transform
  • toString


A class used to represent a two-dimensional vector. This currently supports the following methods:

  • Vector2D.fromPoints
  • length
  • magnitude
  • dot
  • cross
  • determinant
  • unit
  • add
  • subtract
  • multiply
  • divide
  • angleBetween
  • perp
  • perpendicular
  • project
  • transform
  • equals
  • toString


A class used to represent affine transformations. This current supports the following methods:

  • Matrix2D.IDENTITY
  • multiply
  • inverse
  • translate
  • scale
  • scaleAt
  • scaleNonUniform
  • scaleNonUniformAt
  • rotate
  • rotateAt
  • rotateFromVector
  • flipX
  • flipY
  • skewX
  • skewY
  • isIdentity
  • isInvertible
  • getScale
  • equals
  • toString
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