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Welcome to The Lounge, it's great to have you here! We thank you in advance for your contributions.

I want to report a bug

I want to contribute to the code

  • Make sure to discuss your ideas with the community in an issue or on the IRC channel.
  • Take a look at the open issues labeled as help wanted if you want to help without having a specific idea in mind.
  • Make sure that your PRs do not contain unnecessary commits or merge commits. Squash commits whenever possible.
  • Rebase (instead of merge) outdated PRs on the master branch.
  • Give extra care to your commit messages. Use the imperative present tense and follow Tim Pope's guidelines.
  • Each PR will be reviewed by at least two different project maintainers. You can read more about this in the maintainers' corner.
  • Please document any relevant changes in the documentation that can be found in its own repository.
  • Note that we use prettier on the project. You can set up IDE plugins to format on save (see VS Code one here).
  • We have a git hook to automatically run prettier before commit, in case you don't install the plugin.
  • If for any reason, prettier does not work for you, you can run yarn format:prettier and that should format everything.