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For more details, see the full changelog and milestone.

This release improves link and image previews a great deal! On the menu:

  • Up to 5 previews are now displayed instead of 1
  • All previews on the current channel can now be hidden or displayed using the /collapse and /expand commands
  • Thumbnails can be opened in a fullscreen viewer without leaving the app by clicking on them, and cycled using the previous/next buttons or by hitting and
  • Say bye to mixed content warnings: The Lounge can now proxy all images (opt-in option in the server settings) for better privacy
  • Title and description are improved overall

Also in this release, auto-complete feature now has an opt-out option in the client settings, and emoji can be searched using fuzzy-matching:

The Lounge - Emoji fuzzy-matching






In the main repository:

On the website: