@astorije astorije released this Feb 19, 2018 · 1505 commits to master since this release

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For more details, see the full changelog and milestone.

This releases mainly fixes bugs that were introduced by previous versions, and comes with very minor improvements to the UI. Among other things, we fixed the unread markers showing multiple times, which in turn fixes memory leaks when keeping The Lounge open for long periods of time (e.g. overnight).

This simply ensures we did not leave any unattended bugs before going for The Lounge v3.



  • Prevent user context menu from opening while selecting text (#1955 by @xPaw)
  • Fix timestamp tooltips not aligning correctly with timestamps (#1999 by @astorije)
  • Set start_url in manifest.json so that The Lounge always opens the correct window (#2010 by @xPaw)
  • Do not statically serve the index template prior to rendering it (#1979 by @astorije)
  • Persist query windows between server restarts (#2019 by @McInkay)
  • Preload preview images before appending them to DOM (#1925 by @xPaw)
  • Fix textcomplete reference in autocompletion.disable (#2023 by @xPaw)
  • Send visible defaults when displayNetwork is false (#2025 by @xPaw)
  • Wait for server response when parting channels (#2020 by @xPaw)
  • Fix auto-open media option not working (#2027 by @xPaw)
  • Do not block /join command from being sent (#2013 by @xPaw)
  • Define which message types should not be logged (#2022 by @xPaw)
  • Fix messages not being condensed correctly (#2030 by @xPaw)
  • Fix queries going to lobby if the network name matches user name (#2037 by @xPaw)
  • Fix default theme not being correct (#2033 by @xPaw)
  • Fix duplicate chat containers and unread markers when reconnecting (#2039 by @xPaw)
  • Fix crash when hostname is changed in lockNetwork mode (#2042 by @xPaw)
  • Still render link previews if image fails to load (#2043 by @xPaw)
  • Make sure packages can be referenced in subfolders (#2045 by @xPaw)
  • Ensure packages loaded are directories (#2035 by @astorije, #2060 by @xPaw)
  • Fix border after nickname not taking full height (#2055 by @xPaw)
  • Provide exact version into npm install command (#2063 by @xPaw)
  • Track channel state to allow removing channels user is not in (#2058 by @xPaw)
  • Allow scaling the page (#1910 by @xPaw)
  • Fix bind not being passed to irc-framework (#2071 by @xPaw)


  • Allow stylesheets to be served behind HTTPS in CSP rules (#2014 by @McInkay)