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v3.2.0 - 2019-08-19

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@xPaw xPaw released this 19 Aug 07:50
· 1792 commits to master since this release

For more details, see the full changelog and milestone.

This is a minor release that fixes some bugs. There are not many directly user facing changes in this release,
but the biggest one is the ability to edit channel topic by double clicking it (or using the edit topic option in the context menu).

Edit channel topic by double clicking it

We have switched to using Prettier for code formatting, which hopefully makes it easier for other developers to contribute.


  • Add functionality to edit channel topic from the user interface (#3349 by @ollipa)
  • Add check for outdated packages, and show on the help screen. (#2760 by @McInkay)
  • Allow themes to change theme-color (#3326 by @xPaw)
  • Add keybind for cycling to the next unread window (#3359 by @plett)
  • Send service worker fetch errors to client (#3329 by @xPaw)
  • Verify reverse DNS when looking up hostnames for webirc (#3294 by @xPaw)



  • Correctly parse numbers when passed in CLI (#3296 by @xPaw)
  • Fix channel sorting to work across clients on Vue (#3299 by @xPaw)
  • A better way of disabling sorting on touch devices (#3297 by @xPaw)
  • Merge network/channel objects when reconnecting to keep object references (#3305 by @xPaw)
  • Add custom focus outlines for inputs and green buttons (#1873 by @astorije)
  • Fix channel list not working on some touch devices (#3320 by @xPaw)
  • Parse target group for sent messages when echo-message is not enabled (#3339 by @xPaw)
  • Fix formatting hotkeys on non english locales (#3343 by @xPaw)
  • Handle upload token requesting in a better way (#3335 by @xPaw)
  • Make /raw actually write to network as-is (#3352 by @xPaw)
  • Open list channel on data updates (#3347 by @xPaw)
  • Display an error on unknown command (#3361 by @xPaw)