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v4.0.0 - 2019-12-31

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@xPaw xPaw released this 31 Dec 16:16
· 1195 commits to master since this release

For more details, see the full changelog and milestone.

This release finishes our work of porting the client codebase to the Vue.js framework, completely removing jQuery and handlebars.

We are marking this release as a major update due to the sheer amount of internal code changes, and it is impossible to predict what could have been broken as a result.

The minimum required Node.js version has been bumped up to 10.15.
If you are a theme author or have CSS tweaks, refer to the upgrade guide to see which changes have been made.

Before upgrading, make sure The Lounge does not report any warnings or deprecations in the console.




  • Remove away messages from channels (#3494 by @xPaw)
  • Remove UsernameFiltered and fix colored mentions (9b9c547 by @xPaw)
  • Remove user/pass support from irc://, support multiple channels (83f3fe7 by @xPaw)


  • Disable protocol register button if lockNetwork is enabled (#3571 by @xPaw)
  • Disable copy hack in Firefox (#3486 by @xPaw)
  • Load existing users on startup when LDAP is enabled (#3482 by @xPaw)
  • Fix potential issue of history not loading when showInActive is the first message (#3490 by @xPaw)
  • Ignore unknown settings (#3531 by @xPaw)
  • Do not compute filteredUsers if there's no search input (#3536 by @xPaw)
  • Fix spacing in kick reason (#3537 by @xPaw)
  • Fix sidebar not opening when The Lounge is open in a background tab (#3546 by @xPaw)
  • Apply user theme as soon as possible on page load (#3555 by @xPaw)
  • Fix video element overflowing in Chrome (#3561 by @richrd)
  • Provide fake $HOME env to Yarn commands (#3578 by @xPaw)
  • Assign preview.thumb only after it is processed (#3577 by @xPaw)
  • Fix "premature close" on link previews (#3557 by @xPaw)
  • Hide awaymessage/highlights settings in public mode (#3588 by @xPaw)
  • Fix keep nick setting nick to undefined on socket close (#3593 by @xPaw)
  • Fix format of IPv6 URI (#3597 by @bepvte)
  • Optimize user file updates (#3589 by @xPaw)
  • Improve link preview loading (c2ed3fa by @xPaw)
  • Replace confirm() with context menu (90ec37c by @xPaw)
  • Fix uri handling and add tests (ec85372 by @xPaw)
  • Hide auto completion menu when channel changes (57ba119 by @xPaw)
  • Display a badge when built in development mode (c70d0fb by @xPaw)
  • Replace control codes with a space (instead of just removing) (#3638 by @xPaw)
  • Check if there are any packages installed in the upgrade command (#3632 by @xPaw)


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