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@xPaw xPaw released this Aug 20, 2020 · 249 commits to master since this release

For more details, see the full changelog and milestone.

This is a minor release with one significant new feature: a mentions panel!

Mentions panel

Other notable additions include custom highlight exceptions, a new configuration option disableMediaPreview to not send preview requests for videos or audio files (and even images if prefetchStorage is disabled), and uploaded images will have EXIF data automatically removed.

There's also a new section for configuring SASL on the Connect screen, and SASL EXTERNAL is now supported.

SASL authentication SASL external (certfp)

Along with other bugs, a Chrome bug causing lag when typing has been fixed. Additionally, the node-sqlite3 dependency has been updated, and you no longer need to re-install The Lounge when you update Node.js.

And as an update for our Docker users, thelounge-docker now has support for ARM images; thanks @williamboman and @klausenbusk!

  1. If you are seeing incorrectly colored MOTD in network window, make sure you have updated your themes and cleared cache.
  2. displayNetwork was removed in favor of lockNetwork


  • Track mentions/highlights and add a window to view them (#3858, #3993, #3862, #3868, #4003 by @xPaw)
  • Add an option to display 12-hour times (#3787 by @xPaw)
  • Add clear channel history (available in channel context menu)(#3778 by @xPaw)
  • Add CertFP support; separate SASL configuration; displayNetwork was merged into lockNetwork in The Lounge configuration file (#3844 by @xPaw)
  • Add an indicator to STATUSMSG messages (#3875 by @xPaw)
  • Add native app badges for highlights (Chrome 81+) (#3845 by @xPaw)
  • Add generic monospace blocks for INFO and HELP numerics (#3962 by @xPaw, #4032 by @xPaw)
  • Add option to disable media preview (#3983 by @dalcde)
  • Add custom highlight exceptions (#3998 by @Jay2k1)
  • Add navigation in image viewer (#3798 by @richrd)
  • Render images in canvas before upload to remove EXIF data (#3764 by @xPaw)



  • Fix sending unhandled numerics to target channel (#3789 by @xPaw)
  • Fix up first argument not being used as part message (#3808 by @xPaw)
  • Pass in client manager object in update checker (#3797 by @xPaw)
  • Do not handle navigation keybinds in inputs if not empty (#3814 by @xPaw)
  • Fix body overscroll and overflow on iOS Safari (#3828 by @stevenengler)
  • Fix off-by-one color error in webmanifest (#3867 by @maxpoulin64)
  • Support multiple arguments in eventbus emit (#3885 by @xPaw)
  • Fix msg id order when loading from sqlite (#3888 by @xPaw)
  • Reply to the server if that's where CTCP VERSION originated (#3906 by @xPaw)
  • Fix date marker not displaying sometimes (#3978 by @xPaw)
  • Allow changing network name in private mode with lockNetwork (#3977 by @xPaw)
  • Fix upload tokens expiring while uploading when TL is proxied (#3986 by @xPaw)
  • Refresh notification permission state when push is enabled (#3987 by @xPaw)
  • Fix mode message only making last nick clickable (#4005 by @xPaw)
  • Sync changed network name to open clients (#4038 by @xPaw)
  • Fix layout trashing in Chrome causing typing lag (#3999 by @xPaw)
  • Fixed a rare bug in irc-framework that caused duplicate messages


  • Optimize user list updates for quit/part/kick events (#3857 by @xPaw)
  • Remove "The Lounge" from connect in public (#3816 by @xPaw)
  • Replace all uses of fs-extra with native methods (#3810 by @xPaw)
  • Upgrade to mocha@7 and remove mochapack (#3826 by @xPaw)
  • Remove intersection-observer polyfill (#3864 by @xPaw)
  • Safeguard nick randomizer up to allowed length (#3870 by @xPaw)
  • Replace vue events with our own event bus (#3872 by @xPaw)
  • Cleanup vue router route guards (#3995 by @xPaw)
  • Use lodash where possible (#4020 by @xPaw)
  • Replace dashes to underscores in emoji autocompletion (#4029 by @xPaw)
  • Changes required for vue 3 (#3889 by @timmw)
  • Test node v14 (#3976 by @xPaw)
  • Update development dependencies to their latest versions.
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