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This tool allows you to search artists, albums, tracks & playlists... and sends to SMLoadr with a command line.

NOTE: This software does not download music. The main function is search artists/albums/tracks/playlists and send to SMLoadr!

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How to use:

1 - Make sure you have arl cookie value already inserted into (SMLoadr) & paste AUX into the same folder.

See Image

2 - Open SMLoadr AUX.exe & Select the SMLoadr executable Location (Download SMLoadr)

See Image

3 - Click Search on top & enter what you want to search for

See Image

4 - Double-click the artist to show albums / double-click album to show tracks

See Image

5 - When in track-mode, you can preview songs clicking the Play-button

See Image

6 - Select the artist, album, track, playlist or url result, click the Download button to send to SMLoadr.

See Image

7 - Or use the right-click menu to add to/clear or download downloadLinks.txt & more.

See Image


Coded in Hell by Lucifer and demons


Tool to search artists/albums/tracks/playlists from Deezer and send to SMLoadr



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