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This theme is outdated and should not be used anymore. If you are looking for a modern Single Page Application implementation using the WP-API you should consider trying out our ReactJS boilerplate instead. Starter Theme for Single Page Applications Starter (SPA) is a Single Page Application Starter Theme using Web components - the future of Web Development. Please note that the Source files are only recommended for WordPress Developers who are searching for a simple, solid, proved and tested SPA Starter Theme to build upon. Don't expect a ready-to-use WordPress Theme!

If you want to see it in action or want to download a customized Theme for free, check out

What's included?

  • WordPress Theme
  • Polymer Web Components
  • Bower configuration to install Polymer and keep required Components updated
  • Theme Customizer API
  • 1 Menu
  • 1 Blog section

What's not included?

  • jQuery is not needed for Polymer Web Components and will not be used on the frontend anymore

Getting Started

  • Download the Starter Theme under and unzip it in a new Project folder
  • Prerequisites: Bower needs to be installed on your system
  • Open the Project directory in Terminal and run this command to install all required packages
  • $ bower install
  • Upload the Theme to your WordPress instance and activate it
  • Install and activate the WP REST API Plugin Make sure you are using WordPress v4.7+
  • Add new Pages and Blog Posts
  • Select the Front page and the Posts page under Settings / Reading
  • Create a new menu and assign the location Main Navigation Menu
  • Use the Theme Customizer to add a logo
  • Update manifest.json and replace all icons in /img
  • Now it's up to you to add and build new Web elements under /elements
  • Don't forget to keep your Polymer elements updated using Bower
  • $ bower update


Copyright & License

Code and Documentation ©

Code released under GPLv2+