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Repository files navigation WordPress Blocks WordPress Blocks is a WordPress "Gutenberg" blocks boilerplate which can be included in a theme.

What's included?

  • Gutenberg blocks configuration tested in WordPress v5.8+
  • The legacy boilerplate which is compatible with WordPress <5.8 can be found in the "v1" branch
  • NPM configuration
  • ESNext
  • Support for a category where all custom blocks can be organized
  • A simple "Hello world" block implementation is included
  • Optional: Easily add more blocks


  • Prerequisites: Node.js (NPM) needs to be installed on your system
  • Download the source code of this repository to a new directory (e.g. /blocks) in your WordPress theme
  • Add the following code snippet to functions.php in your theme (or reference it in your plugin's index.php file)
$theme_blocks = __DIR__ . '/blocks/index.php';
if ( is_readable( $theme_blocks ) ) {
	require_once $theme_blocks;
  • Open the blocks directory in Terminal and install the required Node.js dependencies:
  • $ npm install
  • A simple Hello world block implementation is included to get you started. More examples can be found in the official Gutenberg examples repository
  • You can include additional blocks by duplicating /src/#####
  • Run the start script:
  • $ npm run start
  • Develop the block(s) by modifying /src/#####/index.js - the official Gutenberg Handbook may help you learn how to build a custom block
  • When you're done run the build script to create a minified version of your blocks:
  • $ npm run build
  • Test the block(s) in the WordPress Editor


Copyright & License

Code and Documentation ©

Code released under GPLv2+


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