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== Grumblr ==

Grumblr is an application to post messages to Tumblr blogs
from a GTK-enabled Linux desktop environment.

=== Licence ===

  New BSD License

=== Requirements: ===

  * Ruby

  * GTK+

  * LibXml Ruby

  * REST Client

=== Installation ===

  Install the most recent grumblr gem with rubygems, as usual:

  $ sudo gem install grumblr

  Change directory to the installed gem folder (may vary) and run
  setup script to copy images and a launcher to their places:

  $ cd /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/grumblr-2.4.2
  $ sudo ruby setup.rb

=== Homepage ===

=== Authors ===

  Paul Philippov <>
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