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  • Palo Alto, CA, USA
王祎 Easonzero


Independent developers Harbin Institute of Technology

Anthony Fassett fassetar

Creator of

Web Developer Philadelphia, PA

Shivang Bhandari Shivang-Bhandari

Front End Web Developer


Horácio Filho horaciojcfilho

A.k.a. Fofofly. Computer scientist. Parallel programming lover. Wearable computing enthusiastic. Delphi coder. Evangelical christian. ❤️ Fofofly & Leãozinho ❤️

@fofoflylandia Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil

Jikku Jose JikkuJose

Co-Founder of @qucentis. Passionate about Ruby, deep learning, UX, blockchain, philosophy, spirituality, exponential growth & singularity.

@Qucentis Trivandrum, India

Tim McKenna TimAspireVC

Aspire VC Lancaster, PA

Harry Moreno morenoh149


CapsuleHealth New York, NY

Michael Anthony mcanthony

All work has ceased until further notice.


Gilad Gray giladgray

Palantir Technologies Palo Alto, CA

timelyportfolio timelyportfolio

available for consulting Birmingham, AL USA

Dandelion Mané dandelionmane

I'm Dandelion Mané, a developer and dancer. I work on TensorFlow at Google (specifically TensorBoard)

@google Palo Alto

Franz hengfanz

Strong self-learning ability, steady mathematical background Good code style, like to refactor the code, like functional programming


Vadym Okun cbmd

Frontend developer

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Kevin Manley kmanley

CTO at Utiliz

Utiliz Greater New York City area