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"""Scans a folder and builds a date sorted tree based on image creation time."""
if __name__ == '__main__':
from os import makedirs, listdir, rmdir
from os.path import join as joinpath, exists, getmtime
from datetime import datetime
from shutil import move, copy2 as copy
from ExifScan import scan_exif_data
from argparse import ArgumentParser
PARSER = ArgumentParser(description='Builds a date sorted tree of dirs/images.')
PARSER.add_argument( 'orig', metavar='O', help='Source directory.')
PARSER.add_argument( 'dest', metavar='D', help='Destination directory' )
PARSER.add_argument( '-filetime', action='store_true', help='Use file time if missing EXIF' )
PARSER.add_argument( '-copy', action='store_true', help='Copy files instead of moving.' )
ARGS = PARSER.parse_args()
print 'Gathering & processing EXIF data.'
# Get creation time from EXIF data.
DATA = scan_exif_data( ARGS.orig )
# Remove any files without EXIF data from list.
DATA = [ f for f in DATA if len(f['exif']) > 0 ]
# Process EXIF data.
for r in DATA:
info = r['exif']
# precidence is DateTimeOriginal > DateTime.
if 'DateTimeOriginal' in info.keys():
r['ftime'] = info['DateTimeOriginal']
elif 'DateTime' in info.keys():
r['ftime'] = info['DateTime']
if 'ftime' in r.keys():
r['ftime'] = datetime.strptime(r['ftime'],'%Y:%m:%d %H:%M:%S')
elif ARGS.filetime == True:
ctime = getmtime( joinpath( r['path'], r['name'] + r['ext'] ))
r['ftime'] = datetime.fromtimestamp( ctime )
# Remove any files without datetime info.
DATA = [ f for f in DATA if 'ftime' in f.keys() ]
# Generate new path YYYY/MM/DD/ using EXIF date.
for r in DATA:
r['newpath'] = joinpath( ARGS.dest, r['ftime'].strftime('%Y/%m/%d') )
# Generate filenames per directory: 1 to n+1 (zero padded) with DDMMMYY.
print 'Generating filenames.'
for newdir in set( [ i['newpath'] for i in DATA ] ):
files = [ r for r in DATA if r['newpath'] == newdir ]
for i in range( len(files) ):
datestr = files[i]['ftime'].strftime('%d%b%Y')
pad = len( str( len(files) ) )
files[i]['newname'] = '%0*d_%s' % (pad, i+1, datestr)
# Copy the files to their new locations, creating directories as requried.
print 'Copying files.'
for r in DATA:
origfile = joinpath( r['path'], r['name'] + r['ext'] )
newfile = joinpath( r['newpath'], r['newname'] + r['ext'] )
if not exists( r['newpath'] ):
makedirs( r['newpath'] )
if not exists( newfile ):
if ARGS.copy == False:
print 'Moving '+ origfile +' to '+ newfile
move( origfile, newfile )
print 'Copying '+ origfile +' to '+ newfile
copy( origfile, newfile )
print newfile +' already exists!'
print 'Removing empty directories'
DIRS = set( [ d['path'] for d in DATA ] )
for d in DIRS:
# if the directory is empty then delete it.
if len( listdir( d ) ) == 0:
print 'Deleting dir ' + d
rmdir( d )
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