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The music used by The Mana World client for the tmwAthena server.

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The Mana World music files

(c) 2006-2009 The Mana World Development Team
Released under the same terms as The Mana World, the GNU GPL.

These music files are part of The Mana World, and released separately from the
source release because of their size and because the set changes rarely.


When you download these music files you have probably installed TMW either
manually or using your distribution-specific packaging system. This means that
there is a fixed location where TMW will look for its music files. This
location is


When running ./configure without parameters, the default prefix is /usr/local.
Most distributions will install TMW with the prefix /usr. You might also have
installed TMW to your home directory (for example when you don't have root
access), in which case the prefix would be something like /home/user. So
depending on this prefix, you'll have to place the music files in one of the


But hopefully soon the tmwmusic package will actually also be available through
your distribution-specific packaging system, in which case you don't have to be
reading this!
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