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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<its:rules xmlns:its="" version="1.0">
<its:translateRule selector="//item/@name" translate="yes"/>
<its:translateRule selector="//item/@description" translate="yes"/>
<its:translateRule selector="//item/@effect" translate="yes"/>
<its:translateRule selector="//*" translate="no"/>
<item id="5128" image="equipment/head/dark-helm.png" name="Dark Helm" description="The Energy pulses with the power of the void." effect="+10% HP / 0 Int" type="equip-head" defense="19" weight="800">
<sprite gender="unisex">equipment/head/dark-helm.xml</sprite>
<sprite gender="female">equipment/head/dark-helm-female.xml</sprite>
<replace sprite="hair">
<item to="-1"/>
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