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A Swift Program Analysis Framework
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SWAN (a.k.a Swift-WALA)

A static program analysis framework for analyzing Swift applications using WALA as the analysis core.


This static program analysis framework is being developed for detecting security vulnerabilities in Swift applications using taint analysis. A custom translator converts Swift Intermediate Language (SIL) to WALA IR (called CAst). The SIL is retrieved by hooking into the Swift compiler and grabbing the SIL modules during compilation. The resulting CAst nodes are analyzed using custom analysis written on top of WALA.

The current translator only supports the most common SIL instructions, and we recently added general support for Swift v5, so better SIL instruction support is likely to come soon.

Current work

The translator and basic toolchain/dataflow has been implemented. We are currently working on implementing the architecture for the analysis to be built on top of WALA. Then we will implement points-to analysis and taint analysis with basic sources and sinks identified.

Future plans

  • Lifecycle awareness for iOS and macOS applications (custom call graph building)
  • Sources and sinks for iOS and macOS libraries
  • Xcode plugin
  • Better (maybe full) SIL instruction support for latest Swift version

Getting Started

First, you should consider that the final build may be as large as ~52GB.

Release support

Supported Swift (incl. dependencies) and WALA releases on SWAN's master branch.

OS Swift Release Tag WALA Release Tag*
macOS Mojave ** v1.5.3
Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) ** v1.5.3

*You must be using Java 8 in order to compile WALA.

**Hook is does not work currently. We had a hook for swift-5.0.1-RELEASE, but the FrontendTool has since changed. Our new hook does not work since the methods fired to our Observer come before the SILModule is added to the CompilerInstance.

If you are not using Java 8 and wish to retain your current Java version, you can do the following after installing Java 8. Credit. Add the following to your ~/.bash_profile (macOS) or ~/.bashrc (Linux).

alias j<YOUR_VERSION>="export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v <YOUR_VERSION>`; java -version"
alias j8="export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 8`; java -version"

You will need to check /usr/lib/jvm for the directory name of your current version.

alias j<YOUR_VERSION>="export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/lib/jvm/YOUR_JAVA_DIR/bin/java`; java -version"
alias j8="export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/bin/java`; java -version"

Where <YOUR_VERSION> is your current Java version you wish to revert back to afterwards. Your can find your current Java version by typing java -version. Make sure to source after.

Then, you can switch Java version by using the alias. e.g.

$ j8
java version "1.8.0_201"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_201-b09)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.201-b09, mixed mode)

Note that this only temporarily sets your Java version. If you have downloaded Java 8 but do not want it to be your default, you can add the export ... part of the command to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile.

Download Projects

We use the latest Swift compiler and WALA.

mkdir swift-source
cd swift-source
git clone
git clone
git clone

master branch may not always be the up-to-date branch. In this case, use the -b flag when cloning swan to select the appropriate branch.

Build Dependencies

See compatibility table above for supported release tags, according to your OS. Please open up an issue if you are experiencing build issues or difficulties.


cd ./WALA
git checkout SUPPORTED_TAG
./gradlew assemble
cd ..


cd ./swift
./utils/update-checkout --clone --tag SUPPORTED_TAG
cd ..

Optionally, the -d flag can be added to the build-script so Swift can compile in debug mode.

Edit Swift-WALA Configurations

cd swift-wala/

Edit and provide proper paths. Some example paths are already provided to give you an idea of what they might look like for you. For macOS, change the linux to macosx in the paths. (e.g swift-linux-x86_64 to swift-macosx-x86_64)

Build Swift-WALA

cd ./swan
./gradlew assemble

Running Swift-WALA

  • First you need to setup environment variables. You can also add this to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile. Make sure to source after. The first two are the same as those set in and the third is just the directory of this repo.
export WALA_PATH_TO_SWIFT_BUILD={path/to/your/swift/build/dir}
export WALA_DIR={path/to/your/wala/dir}
export SWIFT_WALA_DIR={path/to/your/swift-wala/dir}

Standalone executable

The standalone C++ program is the current method of running the framework. Once SWAN is built, the executable swift-wala-translator-standalone can be found in {SWIFT_WALA_DIR}/ (on Linux).

The program takes one parameter: the Swift file you want to analyze. SWAN only supports one Swift file currently.

./swift-wala-translator-standalone example.swift
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