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Revert "made postmark exceptions subclasses of SMTPException"

This reverts commit 15bc121.
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commit 71a8849351784b09fc0a12226bd1363ad2b8dbd3 1 parent b4a537a
@oraclebill oraclebill authored
Showing with 3 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +3 −4 postmark/
7 postmark/
@@ -776,14 +776,13 @@ def activate(self, bounce_id):
# Exceptions
-import smtplib
class PMMailMissingValueException(Exception):
def __init__(self, value):
self.parameter = value
def __str__(self):
return repr(self.parameter)
-class PMMailSendException(smtplib.SMTPException):
+class PMMailSendException(Exception):
Base Postmark send exception
@@ -793,13 +792,13 @@ def __init__(self, value, inner_exception=None):
def __str__(self):
return repr(self.parameter)
-class PMMailUnauthorizedException(smtplib.SMTPAuthenticationError):
+class PMMailUnauthorizedException(PMMailSendException):
401: Unathorized sending due to bad API key
-class PMMailUnprocessableEntityException(smtplib.SMTPRecipientsRefused):
+class PMMailUnprocessableEntityException(PMMailSendException):
422: Unprocessable Entity - usually an exception with either the sender
not having a matching Sender Signature in Postmark. Read the message
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