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neave commented Sep 11, 2012

I'm having a few issues getting these examples to work with the new v1.1 API. Some endpoints have been removed completely so some of the examples no longer work.

The help/test endpoint which before in v1.0 was no longer exists in v1.1. So this means the very useful example verify_ssl.php no longer works. Could you perhaps create a new branch or folder for a new set of v1.1 examples?

Many thanks.

themattharris referenced this issue in themattharris/tmhOAuth Sep 13, 2012


Twitter API 1.1 #78

In friends.php use x_rate_limit_remaining and x_rate_limit_reset. (Add an extra underscore).

I guess for search.php authentification is necessary. Also other argument names

Any update on the status of this issue? Most examples (for instance update with media in photo_tweet.php) are not using API v1.1. Simply changing the request url to '' does not work.


themattharris commented Dec 4, 2012

what isn't working when you change the url to

I'm not getting a 200 response while the script I am using is just a checkout from your Github repository with a modified url (and a test image)

nawar commented Feb 4, 2013

@jefvlamings are you still facing this issue?

No, the issue van by bypassed but is not solved yet

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