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tmhOAuth.php (65) -> curl_cainfo ISSUE #80

whallz opened this Issue · 3 comments

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'curl_cainfo' => dirname(FILE) . '/cacert.pem',

should be

'curl_cainfo' => dirname(FILE) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'cacert.pem',

for windows environments.



thanks - yeah multi-environment support is a good thing. i'll get this in the next release.


That's not true. Windows works just fine with forward slashes.


maybe, i'll still switch to the internal constant

@themattharris themattharris referenced this issue from a commit
@themattharris Version 0.7.2
- use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR for multi-environment support. (Issue #80) Props: whallz
- tidied up the curlHeader function to use explode instead of substr and store the keys in the format they are returned from the API
- removed content-length hack as it isn't needed if CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS is initialized on all POSTs
- removed the expects header hack as Twitter no longer requires it to be there
- introduce composer.json. (Issues #39, #77, #85) Props: akandels, conradkleinespel, dguyon, kud, philsturgeon, willdurand
- added support for specifying custom headers when using $tmhOAuth->request. (Issue #98)
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