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tmhOAuth.php (65) -> curl_cainfo ISSUE #80

whallz opened this Issue · 3 comments

3 participants

Andrés Bolocco Matt Harris Ross Smith II
Andrés Bolocco

'curl_cainfo' => dirname(FILE) . '/cacert.pem',

should be

'curl_cainfo' => dirname(FILE) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'cacert.pem',

for windows environments.


Matt Harris

thanks - yeah multi-environment support is a good thing. i'll get this in the next release.

Ross Smith II

That's not true. Windows works just fine with forward slashes.

Matt Harris

maybe, i'll still switch to the internal constant

Matt Harris themattharris referenced this issue from a commit
Matt Harris Version 0.7.2
- use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR for multi-environment support. (Issue #80) Props: whallz
- tidied up the curlHeader function to use explode instead of substr and store the keys in the format they are returned from the API
- removed content-length hack as it isn't needed if CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS is initialized on all POSTs
- removed the expects header hack as Twitter no longer requires it to be there
- introduce composer.json. (Issues #39, #77, #85) Props: akandels, conradkleinespel, dguyon, kud, philsturgeon, willdurand
- added support for specifying custom headers when using $tmhOAuth->request. (Issue #98)
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