A repository containing example uses of tmhOAuth.
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A repository containing example uses of tmhOAuth.


These examples require tmhOAuth version 0.8.0 or higher. They have been tested with PHP 5.3+.

The easiest way to install tmhOAuth is to use composer. if you prefer to do things the manual way make sure you git clone tmhOAuth into the main tmhOAuthExamples directory (the same one this file is in).


Edit tmhOAuthExample.php and enter your application and user values for:

  • 'consumer_key'
  • 'consumer_secret'
  • 'user_token'
  • 'user_secret'
  • 'bearer'

If you're just trying things out it's recommended you use a test account instead of your real one as some examples do things like tweet or follow.

To create an application, visit dev.twitter.com/apps

For command line examples, go into the cli directory and execute any of the examples using php <filename>.php. Remember some examples make POST actions, and will tweet or follow on your behalf.

For web based examples add tmhOAuthExamples to a location on your webserver that you access via a URL.

Change History

0.1 - 14 June 2013

  • switched all examples to Twitter API v1.1
  • removed redundant/confusing examples
  • centralised examples as children of a master example configuration script (tmhOAuthExample.php)


License: Apache 2 (see included LICENSE file)

Follow @tmhOAuth to receive updates on releases, or ask for support Follow me on Twitter: @themattharris Check out the Twitter Developer Resources: https://dev.twitter.com

To Do

  • More streaming api examples
  • Control Streams examples
  • More Web request examples