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  • v6.0.2
  • bf6d324
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  • v6.0.2
  • bf6d324
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@ivan-nginx ivan-nginx released this Jan 20, 2018 · 1302 commits to master since this release

Breaking changes

MathJax (#32) [See EN or CN docs for details]

Old configuration:

-# MathJax Support
-  enable: false
-  per_page: false
- cdn: //

New configuration:

# Math Equations Render Support
  enable: false

  # Default(false) will load mathjax/katex srcipt EVERY PAGE
  # If you set to true, you need to add 'mathjax: true' in Front Matter of post
  # in order to render math equations in post
  per_page: false

  engine: mathjax
  #engine: katex

  # hexo-rendering-pandoc (or hexo-renderer-kramed) needed to full MathJax support.
    # For newMathJax CDN ( with fallback to oldMathJax (
    cdn: //
    # For direct link to MathJax.js with CloudFlare CDN (
    #cdn: //
    # For automatic detect latest version link to MathJax.js and get from CloudFlare.
    #cdn: //

  # hexo-renderer-markdown-it-plus (or hexo-renderer-markdown-it with markdown-it-katex plugin)
  # needed to full Katex support.
    # Use Katex 0.7.1 as default
    cdn: //
    # If you want to try the latest version of Katex, use one below instead
    #cdn: //


  • Added katex support (#32) (See breaking changes above)
  • Added: Support to lazy load the disqus comments (#34)
      lazyload: true
  • Added cheers_enabled config option (#43)
    # Enable "cheers" for archive page.
    cheers_enabled: true
  • Added pangu.js instead of auto_spacing in hexo (#51, #56)
    # Pangu Support
    # Dependencies:
    # For more information:
    pangu: true
  • Added updated_diff option to post_meta (#50)
      created_at: true
      updated_at: true
      updated_diff: true
  • Added: Load custom files from outside the theme (#31, f968ffc, 12fe131, 1cb4d08, 8744238)
    # Redefine custom file paths. Introduced in NexT v6.0.2.
    # If commented, will be used default custom file paths.
    # For example, you want to put your custom styles file
    # outside theme directory in root `source/_data`, set
    # `styles: source/_data/styles.styl`
      #head: source/_data/head.swig
      header: source/_data/header.swig
      #sidebar: source/_data/sidebar.swig
      styles: source/_data/styles.styl
      #mixins: source/_data/mixins.styl
      variables: source/_data/variables.styl


  • Updated google-analytics.swig (#45)
  • Updated translation for the changes. (#47)
  • Updated <img src="/image-url" class="full-image" /> BUG (#52, 5a70fd3)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed misleading description of gitment (#22)
  • Fixed: move needmoreshare_css to head (#26)
  • Fixed: Turn OFF javascript with motion enable result in a blank page [fix added] (#27, d2be4fa)
  • Fixed a position bug of the github_banner on the mobile layout. (#29, 3337b50)
  • Fixed underlined category under title ends in an extra blank [fix added] (#36, 08d35be)
  • Fixed: Add comment.enable to switch comment conveniently (#39)
  • Fixed: <link rel="canonical" href="URL"/> is wrong! [fix added] (#40, bad4334)
  • Fixed an issue about the categories/tags count. (#42)
  • Fixed: Override theme's scheme from main config [fix added] (#44, 1b0b53a)
  • Fixed reading_progress appear in index (#55)

For full changes, see the comparison between 6.0.1 and 6.0.2

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